Solar Motion Sensor LED Light 200w Outdoor


Solar Motion Sensor LED Light: New stock item. Promotion price till 9th March 2021.

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  • 200w
  • daylight


  • for outdoor use (front door, backyard, gate, trees, etc)
  • great for places where power plug is not reachable
  • must be able to get sunlight for at least an hour to work
  • ideally charge for at least a day under the sun to max usage duration
  • last for 9hrs if fully charged under the sun
  • light up duration depends on which mode used and how long its put under the sun
  • need to mount on to wall to hold (screws provided)
  • waterproof

4 modes (press “On/Off” button to select )

  1. auto light up (100%) by motion sensor once someone is moving in front for 30 secs
  2. dim light (10%) on all the time and brighten once motion detected in front
  3. light up (50%) once its dark, slowly drop to 10% and auto off once day light is out
  4. off all time


  • long 31cm
  • wide 10cm

** warning, pls do not look into the light directly when the its switched on and near you.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 10 cm


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