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Choices After O Level: -Which Junior College? Which Polytechnic?

While my girl is preparing for her O Level, I started looking at this JAE booklet that the school has given us. If you are interested, you can check out details in this book at http://www.moe.gov.sg/jae.

My girl has been very firm on her choice as in she wanted to go to a Junior College. Because she is an academic person than a hand-on person. But after finishing her crazy O Level exam this year, she feels that she needs to consider Polytechnic if her result don’t turn out well.

Thus, I ended up doing a lot of charts and tables to help her make her decision on which school to go. I also decided to put everything out to share with all busy parents and students out there who did O Level this year and needed to decide which school to go.

If you are unsure of what career path you wanted to do in your future like my girl, you may want to do this personality test to get some ideas.


who go 1st

Who gets priority? How my 12 choices work?

Applicants are posted to a course based on merit according to their net aggregate scores. Meaning, those who have good score will be given the choice of schools first than the one who has lower score. Details of the posting flow can be found here: https://beta.moe.gov.sg/post-secondary/admissions/jae/posting/

Using the right score is important here.

The aggregate score you see in Form A is raw score. The system has based on this score to list out the eligible courses that you could put in the 12 choices. But when you check the JAE booklet for course that fall within the cut off points or scores, you need to less out your bonus points (reflected in the co-curriculum certificate).

For e.g. John got raw 15 L1R5, bonus cert shows 2 points, net score 13. Raw 13 ELR2B2, net 11. He should be eligible for all Junior College and most poly courses which shows up in the form A. He make his choice as, 1. Anderson Serangoon Junior College (art)… 3. Catholic Junior College (art)…5. Aerospace Engineering in NAP….8. Jurong Pioneer Junior College (art)….12. Electronic &computer engineering in NAP.

Reason: 1 n 2nd choice, what he keen in, try to apply even not within scope of score, 3rd to 7th realistic choice reaching his score, 8th to 12th, play safe choice, die die can go in.


How to Appeal for a Junior College place and options to switch Polytechnic courses

Can I appeal if I am not satisfied with the result of the posting? Yes, you can. You just need to submit an appeal from 9am on posting result day, 2nd Feb to 4pm on 7th Feb via JAE Online Appeal Portal. https://jaeappeal.edu.sg/home/index.aspx

You may read more details here: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/parenting-education/appealing-for-a-place-in-a-polytechnic-or-jc


Junior College Cut Off Points 2017 to 2019 (L1R5)

These points most people will look at when they decide which Junior College to choose. Most website you can find are usually just one year data, I grouped the past 3 yrs together to have a look.

For some reason, 2018 was different from the rest of the years, I believe due to Corvid 19 this year may be different too. So, these cut off points can only be a guide, my advise is choose wisely depending on your preference and of course, your result may limit your choice too.

Schools that have merged, the cut off points will usually be different depending who they merged with. Some parents has concern over the teaching quality especially when some school takes in more students suddenly such as CJC.

If you keen on DHS and RVHS, you may want to know that they are auto promotion, so some years they do not have space to take in any new students.

JC Cut Off Points for Science
JC Cut Off Points for Arts
JC Cut off Points from 2017 to 2019
School nameshortArtScienceArtScienceArtScience
Anderson Serangoon Junior CollegeASRJC1111121211/139/12
Anglo-Chinese Junior CollegeACJC9810987
Anglo-Chinese School IndependentACS565
Catholic Junior CollegeCJC131314151011
Dunman High SchoolDHS98
Eunoia Junior CollegeEJC87111099
Hwa Chong InstitutionHCI545544
Jurong Pioneer Junior CollegeJPJC1615171413/1512/15
Nanyang Junior CollegeNYJC768776
National Junior CollegeNJC879876
Raffles InstitutionRI545544
River Valley High SchoolRVHS98
St Andrew’s Junior CollegeSAJC11101211109
St Joseph’s InstitutionSJI787
Tampines Meridian Junior CollegeTM1313131413/1114/11
Temasek Junior CollegeTJC109111099
Victoria Junior CollegeVJC878686
Yishun Innova Junior CollegeYIJC2020202017/1916/20
JC Cut off Points from 2017 to 2019

Polytechnic cut off points by Courses (ELR2B2)

The JAE booklet has all the Polytechnic courses listed by different Polytechnic. It would be good to have the courses by the cut off points instead. In this way, I can quickly check what are the courses my girl can consider once her result is out.

You can check out this MOE site by entering your score and find the courses you want:


course finder

For instance, if my score for ELR2B2 is 20 and I only want to go NP or SP. The search will find me 5 courses that I can consider taking. You need to click on each course to find out the minimum entry requirement. As every course has different requirement to meet other then the total score.

Location of Junior College in Singapore

This map, I swear is very very useful as you most likely can’t find it anywhere else. You can zoom in to the finest road detail to see the surrounding of the school and at the same time you can have a good idea where all the Junior College are in Singapore.

Bookmark my page now ya!

E-Open House Dates 2023 for JC and Polytechnic

Most school has online video or photos on open house that are over. Clink on link to find out more.

Choice after O Level
Open House 2021
O Level Result 2021

Choosing the right Junior College

Things you need to consider:

  • First based on your result which schools are available for you to choose.
  • The subjects combination you interested, are they available in the school
  • The quality of teachers and culture of schools (tips: speak to seniors or teachers to find out more)
  • Physical environment (e.g. library/study rooms, sports facilities,  etc) tip: attend re-open house to find out more.
  • travelling distance (tip: take a trip down to feel the distance or see at least the external school environment)
JC Subject Combinations
O Level Result 2021
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

5 things you need to consider before deciding JC Subject Combinations

  • Which are your favorite subjects
  • Which JC has the subjects you want
  • Do you meet the requirements
  • Your ability to cope with the subject
  • University course(s) that you intend to pursue
Which JC has the subjects you want

Here are some quick links for the subjects offered by all JC:

Do you meet the requirements

For e.g. Further Maths is a subject available at H2 level only. Some school may require you to have  O level E Math A1, A Math A2 or take a test.
Another e.g. to take Science,  you need to have pure Science in your O Level.

Your ability to cope with the subject

It make sense if you are a Art stream student in O Level, you do Art in JC. If you did Chemistry in secondary school, you should be okay in A Level. Try anything new, will be tough for a short 2 years in JC.

Prerequisites for University courses
O Level Result 2021
Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com
Prerequisites for University courses

Its important to look ahead here. For e.g. NUS Engineering courses require at least 2 Science subjects. Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) in SMU require Economic. NUS Chemical and Environmental Engineering require 3 x H2, Math, Physics and Chemistry. 

Here are some quick links to universities admission requirements:

Junior college CCA
O Level Result 2021
Photo by Maria Varshavskaya on Pexels.com

CCA offers in Junior College

All JC school’s CCA are listing in the JAE booklet but they are sorted in school, mine is sorted by CCA. This way of sorting make more sense to me as my girl has a few type of CCA she is interested to join and wish to see if the school she is choosing are providing and if not, which school has the CCA she wants.

Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice
Singapore JC CCA
after O level choice

Download a copy of the excel file with all the CCA tables above here.

Junior College Uniforms

When will O Level Result be out?

According to MOE, the GCE O-Level results will be released on Monday, 12 January 2023.



Other Deadlines

You have till 4pm on Jan 17 2023 to submit your course choices through the JAE website at: https://beta.moe.gov.sg/post-secondary/admissions/jae/apply/request-form/

So, do start looking into what choices you have now.

2 Feb 2023, will be release of posting results.


7.30am on Friday, 3 February 2023, students to report to school (for JC)


For any reasons if you cannot to go school to collect your O Level result, you will need your Singpass to access your result online. So, just in case, do remember to get ready your Singpass now.

If you have not do so, here is the link: https://www.singpass.gov.sg/singpass/register/instructions

good luck cookie 1


I wish everyone out there waiting for O Level, GOOD LUCK!

Hope my information above helps you make a wiser decision.

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