9 Effective Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

I am a supporter for recycling. As far as possible, I will try my very best to recycle, reuse or reduce. Do you know the ways to recycle, reuse or reduce?

Here are some tips on ways to recycle that I would like to share with all of you.

Ways to Recycle
dye old clothing

Ways to Reuse #1: Refresh your old clothing/ curtains

Go Green, Recycle, Reuse or Reduce!

Have you been throwing away your favorite comfortable black pants/tee or blue jeans because its faded so badly to wear again?
You actually don’t have to do that! You can simply dye the pants or jeans again to refresh it to the original colour that looks as good as new. The colour will fade gradually again after dye, of course, just like you had newly brought a new one.

Besides doing dye to refresh your old cloths, you could prevent your cloths from fading too quickly. Here are some tips:-

  1. Add a fabric conditioner to your wash.
  2. Try not to use dryer, it fade cloths faster especially the black cotton ones.
  3. Turn your garments inside out before hanging out to dry under the sun.
  4. Soak your new brought cloths in vinegar+water overnight to firm up the colour.

Ways to Reuse #2: Carton Boxes: How to Convert Carton Box to Delivery Box

I ordered most of my grocery and household needs online. They usually comes in carton boxes. Instead of throwing them out, I transformed them into boxes that fits my delivery needs. You can check out the above video on how I convert carton box of different sizes to smaller box that fits delivery purpose, usually like pizza box size.

Ways to Reuse #3: Refresh your badminton racket

Changing your racket grip will give a new fresh look! Its easy as 123! Just roll over your existing grip and tape it. The tape is not adhesive, so you can change it to a different design anytime you like! This works on bicycle grips and fishing rod too. (only the last black tape is adhesive to secure the wrap)

Ways to Recycle #1: use of eggs shells

My girl loves eating eggs. I can end up with a bag of eggs shells in a week. This drives me to check out on how to recycle egg shells. To my surprise, there are not only lots of ways to recycle egg shells but egg shells are really very useful. I usually put the egg shells under the sun to dry up, crush them in a plastic bag. Then, store them in used mineral water bottles.

  • you can use egg shells to make all sorts of different kinds of crafts or home deco
  • egg shells before crushing are good for seeding and I cut the plastic eggs tray for support
  • add crushed eggs shells to soil for planting, good for plants like cactus that don’t need watering too often
  • crushed egg shells are good for cleaning things like bottle, vase, etc, places that are hard to reach
  • adding dry eggshells to plants soil will make your plant soil more alkaline as eggshells are made mostly of calcium carbonate
  • the sharp edges of crushed egg shells also keep some pests away from the your plants if you leave some on the top of the soil.
  • Lizards hate the smell of egg shells. I put unwashed eggshells on places that I do not want them to come, like the dinning table.

Ways to Reuse #4: Camo Wrap to give a new look

Give your old bicycle a new look? A water bottle? A camera?

Yes, anything that you can wrap round with this camo elastic tape. You can give a fresh new look to almost anything!

Ways to Recycle
reduce electricity
reduce use of water

Ways to Reduce #1: Use of electricity

Replace fluorescent tube with LED lightings. The saving could be more than 50%. Most ceiling lights can be converted easily by DIY. Unplug your electronics when not in use. This was told in school but not many of us actually follows 🙂

Ways to Reduce #2: Use of Water

Use paper wiper and reduce wet mopping the floor. Use water saving shower heads and tap filter.


Ways to Reuse #5: Water Bottles + Plastic Cup

Personally feels that a school teacher play a very important role in a child learning progress. We don’t believe in tuition as we try to develop an independent kid.

Did a Teacher’s Day present using Eco friendly material.


Ways to Reuse #6: Others (Little effect goes a long way)

Same as everyone out there, I reuse my take away / “daobao” containers. Separate and dispose plastics or glass in recycle bins.

Do share with me if you have any other bright ideas on Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Like to hear more ya 🙂

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