Beauty Tips for Women

As I HDB tai tai, I still wants to look good by doing my own beauty ‘maintenance’ – DIY face mask. Yet, I don’t want to spend too much since I don’t have much income. 🙂

Let me share some cost saving skincare beauty tips with you here:-

Steal Time for Beauty

世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Therefore, no matter how busy I get, ‘work‘ on my face is a must! So far this has become my favorite! Its made of silicon and use for putting on over your facial mask😁
Now I can put on my liquid mask especially, when ever I want and do other things at the same time :- watch your favorite drama, bath, dry my hair, paint your nails, cook, exercise!!! Haha, no time wasted😍

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Review on Decleor Hydra Floral White Petal Sleeping Mask

Another steal time beauty tips is using sleeping mask. I have used a few types sleeping mask before. This is the best one that I love and still using now. First, its has a very nice smell. When I don’t have time to do mask in the day, I will use this mask. Gently rub on a thin layer, just like night cream and leave it on till the next morning. My face is more relax and radiant the next morning, reduce breakout, clear skin fades pigmentation. Hydrating my skin and feel soft that I can sometimes goes without makeup.

This mask is available at amazon at a reasonable price:

Beauty tips, how to avoid drying hands
How to avoid drying hands?

Lots of cleaning can make your hands dry and some I know the thumb print starts to fade over time. So, ‘maintenance’ is important!

How to do hand SPA while you do cleaning? (save time, save money again ya )
Rub in my hand Spa cream and put on a cotton gloves and finally my washing rubber gloves. (this silicone rubber gloves is good, would’nt break easily like those I brought last time). Then, I am all ready to do me dish washing or cleaning work! After my dish washing is done, I have a nice, smooth pair of hands 🙂

Will be adding more beauty tips to this list from time to time….stay tune for more ya!

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