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Just like to share some home kitchen tips and tricks of mine.

Cooking for Kids Tricks

I am not good at cooking because my mother is a great cook!😅 Since my girl was born, I learnt to cope with her ever changing list of ” I don’t like to eat” stuff. I figured it out through the years was to mixed them with food she love to eat like mushroom, Japanese stuff, etc.😉 ⁣(tip: Fried rice is a good one to do the mixing😊)

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Let me share some more kitchen tips with you here:-

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How to Ripen Avocados Quickly⁣

⁣I love to buy underripe avocados from the fruits stalls or supermarkets. They are cheaper 🤣 and bigger 😁 usually. Avocado wouldn’t taste nice if you keep it too long waiting for it to ripe. ⁣
⁣Just want to share a tip on how to have cheap, nice avocado😊 When I buy under ripe avocados, I will always buy bananas. Put them together outside the fridge, they will both ripe nicely in 1 to 2 days. ⁣
⁣I love avocado milkshake, my girl like bananas milkshake, perfect!!👌

Good to know the benefit of avocado:
  •  Improves your vision as it provides protection to help minimize damage on your eyes from ultraviolet light
  • High in fibre: Prevent constipation and maintain your digestive health
  • Healthy fats: Support skin health and boost your immune system

How to make smooth steam egg?

Steam egg is my girl’s favorite. In fact, she just like to eat eggs. So, how to cook smooth steam egg? Its simple! Just add 2 drops of vinegar when you beat the eggs. 🙂 The mix of water should be about 1.5 of the egg size, use the egg shell to pour in the water, you wouldn’t go wrong.

In case you may not know how the above stuff that I mentioned looks like:

Oh, ya, you can recycle eggs shell as plants soil /cleaning. Check out here: Subscribe my blog to follow up with more ya.

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