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Are You Affected by Convid-19?

Has Convid-19 change you? When I am asked with this question on a survey form, my answer is always, no. Not financially nor emotionally. Until last week, I started doubting my answer to this question.

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Reaction to illness

One early morning last week, I woke up because of a gastric pain at 4am. By 5am, my husband wake up, saw me holding my stomach in the kitchen. He asked me what happen?

I have not been suffering from this gastric pain for a long long time. I remembered when I last had it, my husband will usually ask for my medicine, get me a cup of hot water or something. This time, he just asked, “You want me to call an ambulance?” I actually cry and laugh at the same time after hearing this. Call an ambulance because of gastric pain??! OMG! 😂 I believe he is not alone. Some of us simply over-reacted to illness since Convid-19 breakout ya.

Do you agree with me?

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I must say I am lucky as jobs for both me and my husband are not affected much during Convid-19 outbreak. I have seen lots of people around me suffering from lost of jobs. All industries related to travelling are still not seeing much sign of coming back. Such as, travel agent, airticket, shops selling travelling essentials, winter clothing, luggage bags, etc. And, yet on the other hand we have bills to pay for everyday.😂

Its coming to a year already, hopefully things will get back to normal very soon again.

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Wearing a face mask

I have been selling reusable face mask for years. Mainly for travelers to overseas during winter seasons. Before Convid-19 outbreak, I wear reusable face mask quite often. I wear when I do my stock packing at home to avoid the dust. I wear it when I am down with a serious flu.🤧😪 Wearing the face mask when I am having my flu will helps me recover faster as my throat is not so dry. To me, cotton face mask is soft and comfortable, like resting on my comfortable pillow through my cotton shirt. 😍

Now, if you ask me how I feel wearing a mask?! To be honest, I HATE it now! Just wish I can walk out of my house without one soon.🤣😂

Agree with me?

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Holiday = Headache

I miss going holiday! Do you? No doubt, everyone will agree with me.

Yes, I really miss going holiday. For now, school holiday means headache ya. What to do during school holiday?? staycation? local educational / cultural tour? Honestly, nothing can replace a break out of Singapore ya!

What do you think?

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Dining Out

I cut down dining out since Convid-19 outbreak. I replace that by ordering for food delivery more often then before. Really dislike to keep putting on and remove my mask when I am outside my house. I am not sure if its just me or what.

Anyone feels the same??

Social Distancing in Lift during Convid-19
Social Distancing in Lift

Social Distancing

Self collect was one of my dealing options before Feb 2020 this year. This mode of dealing takes up to about 40% of my total sales every month. Unfortunately, due to Convid-19 outbreak, I have to discontinued doing meetup or self collection.

Due to my personal commitment, I do not intend to resume self collection in any near future. Most self collection timing are in the evening when I am most busy with cooking and sometimes even have to manage my kid’s school work at the same time…was a pain in the neck, to be frank! 😆

Instead I have given buyers options to pick up from Bluport station locker at Bukit Panjang Hillion mall.

Have you done your part for social distancing?

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