How to use Bluport Locker Station?

This is really easy ya! I promise! So, far most people have no problem except for one uncle who can’t read English and one went to the wrong locker in a rush. ⁣I have layout some FAQ on how to use bluport lockers below.

Why use Bluport and not Normal Mail?

Most of the time I would recommend LED Lights buyers to collect their LED lights via Bluport Locker as most of the lights do not fit smartpac tracking bags or box and exceeded size for normal mail. I may recommend bluport collection to other buyers who buy bulk items too.

Why I Cannot Self Collect?

I am on the west side but I don’t do meetup or self collect anymore due to convid19.

bluport location

Choose your Nearest or most Convenient Mall

First of all, find one mall that are near to you.⁣ (petrol stations bluport are available now)
Some of those used frequently Bluport locations in the malls so far:-⁣

bluport station locker location

Jurong point, JEM , JCude, Yew Tee, West mall, Clementi bus interchange
215 AMK, AMK hub, Stars of Kovan
East:- ⁣
Compass One, Punggol Plaza, the midtown, tampines mall, E!Hub, Bedok Point⁣

How I know if the Light has reached my Selected Bluport Locker?

Once I get the notification from Bluport, I will inform you via Carousell chat. I will forward you a bar code to open the locker.

How Long do I have to Wait?

Next, after payment, wait for my bar code. They can deliver between 12 hours to 48 hours after I drop off (working days Monday to Saturday). I will drop off as soon as possible after you made payment, usually twice a day 10am or 5pm. Once the parcel is in, I will forward the bar code to you via carousell chat.⁣

When Can I Collect the Light?

You can collect the light once I forward you the bar code to open the locker. As I do not know when they can deliver the light to the locker, please do not wait at the mall for my bar code.

Can I go anytime?

Most lockers are located along outside the mall. You can google to findout the operating time of different locker. With the bar code, you head to the agreed bluport locker any time within 48hrs.

How to use Bluport

How to Open the Locker with the Bar Code?

Here are the screens of the simple steps:-

Step1, click ‘pickup parcel’⁣
Step2, scan bar code when prompt ⁣
Step3, enter name, Nancy (because it’s my account)⁣
Step4, sign off on my behalf ⁣
Step5, collect your package when the locker door open⁣
Step6, close the locker door⁣

Of course, if you have your own bluport account, the notification will goes to you directly. You can download the app at here and sign up with referral code BLU736051 and earn 10 bluPoints.⁣


Can I Collect the LED Light Today instead of waiting 48hrs?

Yes, you can. If you pick up at Bukit Panjang Hillion Mall Bluport Station, you can collect after I drop off. I will usually drop off in 2 batches either 10am or 5pm on any day. Locker fee of $2 applies and min. purchase is $15.

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