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Mailing Price List 1

Mailing options applies to mailing within Singapore only. https://www.singpost.com/ratechange2023

Mailing Option 1: Normal Mail – $2

We’re all about keeping things convenient, but there’s a change coming up, starting October 9th, 2023, we won’t be covering all the costs for normal mail anymore. You’ll now pay the listed price plus a $2 top-up for postage. Good news: normal mail still delivers in just 2 to 5 working days. And, starting October 9th, 2023, it’s insured and trackable, giving you peace of mind. We’ll still share picture and video proof before and after mailing your order, so you know it’s in safe hands.

Mailing Option 2: Smartpac Tracking – $3

Looking for a quicker way to get your hands on your goodies? Well, look no further than our SmartPac tracking option. If your purchased items fit within the maximum allowable size, this is the way to go! SmartPac tracking packages typically take just 2 working days to make their way to your letterbox. That’s right – you won’t be waiting around for long to enjoy your new treasures. For your peace of mind, unlike normal mail, SmartPac packages are insured up to $9. That means you can shop with confidence, knowing that your order is covered. We’re proud to say that we haven’t lost a single SmartPac package to date. That’s a track record we’re determined to maintain! Before and after mailing your SmartPac package, we’ll provide you with both picture and video proof. It’s our way of ensuring that your order is in excellent hands from start to finish.

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Mailing Option 3: Doorstep -$6

Got a sizeable haul to deliver? No problem! Speedpost’s generous size and weight limits have got you covered. For just a $6 top-up, you’re all set for hassle-free delivery. If you confirm your deal and make payment by 2pm, you can expect your package to arrive at your doorstep by the very next working day. Your package is insured up to a maximum of $150, so you can shop without any worries. Take your convenience up a notch by installing the Singpost App. Not only will they notify you when your package is on its way, but you’ll also have the flexibility to choose where you’d like your package to be left – whether it’s in your riser, shoebox, with a neighbor, or behind the gate. It’s all about delivering your way.

When it comes to lost mail, you won’t have to worry with Speedpost. We’re proud to share that we haven’t lost a single package to date.

To keep you in the know, we’ll provide you with a tracking reference before sending your package to the post office. So, if you’re in a hurry, have a big haul to deliver, or simply want the peace of mind that comes with insured and reliable service, Speedpost to your doorstep is the way to go. Your package will be at your door in no time!

Mailing Option 4: Self Collect – no top up required

When time is of the essence, and you need your goodies pronto, we’ve got you covered with our self-collection option!

  • 9am to 4pm: Swing by our pickup point at 640A Senja Close, 671640 (located behind Senja Hawker Centre). Just remember, advanced arrangements are a must during this time slot.
  • Other Timings: Looking for a contactless pickup option at your convenience? Reach out, and we can arrange a contactless pickup right at my doorstep.

Why Only This Location? We totally get it – you might be wondering why we stick to this location only. Well, here’s the scoop: Leng8021 store operates from home, and our days are packed with work. That’s why this pickup point make it easy for you to get your items without disrupting our workflow. So, when you’re in a hurry or just prefer the convenience of self-collection, remember these options are here to serve you best!

Mailing Option 5: Urgent Courier – $10 to $25

Okay, folks, let’s talk about the craziest option in this page. Picture this: you’re buying a few-dollar item, and you’re hit with a rather hefty courier fee. It may seem a bit wild, but hey, we’ve got you covered! Sometimes, you just can’t wait. When the need for your purchase is bordering on “I need it ASAP, Urgent!,” we can arrange a GrabExpress courier to whisk your item right to your doorstep. It’s the express lane to satisfaction.

Why GrabExpress? We’re all about hassle-free service, and Grab Express fits the bill perfectly. No fuss, just smooth sailing. Their service is top-notch, and we’re here for it!

At Leng8021 store, we like to keep things neighborly. Since we’re a home-based online business, we limit ourselves to a maximum of 4 courier arrangements a day. It’s all about being a good neighbor and avoiding any unnecessary disruptions. This limit also applies when buyers request contactless pickups from our doorstep outside self collection hours.

So, if the urgency bug has bitten, and you’re ready to get your hands on that must-have item, consider GrabExpress. It’s the crazy option that just might be your saving grace when you need something pronto!

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leng8021 mailing
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