5 Local Mailing Options @Leng8021 online store

Mailing Price List 1

Mailing options applies to mailing within Singapore only. https://www.singpost.com/postalrevisions

Mailing Option 1: Normal Mail – Free or $1.50

This is my most preferred mailing option as its my most convenient dealing options. Thus, most items listed in my Carousell Leng8021 store are inclusive of normal mail, except for LED lights and ploymailers. Since this is to my convenience, I will bear all the normal mail cost. That means all you have to pay is the listed price, no topup required.

Price listed will be excluding postage if you shop on my website here.

Normal mail takes about 2 to 5 working days to reach your letterbox. This mode of delivery is not guarantee and not insured, so its good if you don’t need the stuff urgently. However, in general normal mail is quite reliable except over long weekends with holidays. Delayed mail may happen once in a blue moon, but lost mail, rare I would say…not more than 2 times in a year from my thousand over records.

Both picture and video proof will be given to you before and after mailing.

Mailing Option 2: Smartpac Tracking – $3

If your items purchased fits the max. size allow, you can opt to have your purchase send via smartpac tracking. Smartpac tracking package generally takes about 2 working days to reach your letterbox. There is tracking reference and package is insured up to $9 only. This mailing option, zero lost mail so far.

Both picture and video proof will be given to you before and after mailing.

leng8021 mailing
local mailing

Mailing Option 3: Doorstep -$6

Speedpost delivery as its name, deliver your package to your doorstep by next working day if you confirm deal and made payment by 2pm. The size and weight limit almost fit in anything. Just need to topup $6, this is quite a good option if you buy alot and can’t self collect. Package is insured up to max of $150. Do note that if you install the Singpost App they will msg you when the package is delivering and you have options to leave package in riser or shoe box, with neighbour house, behind gate, etc . This mailing option, zero lost mail so far.

Tracking reference will be given before sending to post office.

Mailing Option 4: Bluport Pickup (not available now – company closed)

This was a good option but unfortunately, company closed down.

Meantime, I am looking out for another locker pickup service. Stay tune!

Mailing Option 5: Urgent Courier – $10 to $25

I always think this option is crazy. Because buying a few dollar stuff and you incur such expensive courier cost. However, with increase demand for urgent delivery and if you really need the stuff so badly, I can arrange a Grab express courier to your doorstep. And, I only use Grab express as they don’t give me any problem, the service is great! As Leng8021 store is a home base online business, I will only do max. 2 courier arrangement a day to avoid disturbing my neighbors. The is limit applies to buyer request for pickup from my doorstep.

grab express
leng8021 mailing
local mailing

Self Collect

You may self collect if you need urgently

👉9am to 4pm collect at West Spring secondary/ jelapang Lrt / my block pickup point@671640

👉Other timing Contactless pickup at my doorstep @671640

👉No other meetup location possible as I have lots of work at home

Thank you.

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