Apron: 11 Things You Should Know

Where to buy apron in Singapore?

If you want to walk in to a store to get one, there are a few places in Singapore that you can buy one. Some neighborhood dollar shops will sell one or two designs, usually floral cotton ones. You can also go to some supermarket such as NTUC Fairprice, the bigger ones that sell clothing. The giant furniture seller, IKEA store do sell aprons and their kids set aprons are quite popular among parents though not many choices to choose from. The other one, Japan Home also sell floral cotton aprons. SKP with island wide stores sell plastic disposable apron.

So, if you are looking for certain design or colour aprons, you will have to look online to order one. Of course, you can come to my online store to browse the wide range of aprons that are all ready stock. You cannot get any right away like walking in to a store but I do have some mailing options that you can choose from depending on how soon you need it.


Some interesting knowledge about apron.

Who started wearing apron?

According to wikipedia, The “Hooverette” or “Hoover apron” emerged in the 1930s, named after the man in charge of the U.S. Food Administration at the time, Herbert H. Hoover. Women working outside the home wore whatever protective garments their jobs required, including coveralls, smocks, or aprons.

What Apron means?

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, an apron is a piece of clothing that you wear over the front of your clothes to keep it clean while you are doing something dirty, such as cooking or cleaning.

Why Apron is White in Colour?
White Apron
disposable apron
non-woven apron

Why Apron is White in Colour?

White represents purity. The light colour clearly shows if its clean, clear from any harmful dirt. It gives a “safe to use” impression.

Why use Apron? Why it is important?

Why we need to use apron when we cook or cleaning:

  1. Keep hair, germs and dust away so that they don’t gets into the food.
  2. Keep your clothes from grease, stubborn stains or getting wet, so that its not contacting your food or cleaning soap. Getting grease out of clothes is a pain sometimes.
  3. Safety reason (my safety officer – my husband🧑always say): it can protect you and your clothes, in case your cloth is easy to catch fire
  4. Setting a good example for kids
  5. Use apron as identity such as an uniform

How do you wear an Apron?

Put it so that the front part is covering the front of your body. Check for parts that the apron is not covered and adjust. Take the waist strings behind you and tie in a bow around your waist. If the strings are long, you can cross them behind your back and bring them around to the front to tie the bow.

How to wash Apron?

Most of my buyers love to ask: “Can put it in washing machine?” Most of the aprons that I sell can be put in washing machine for washing except for the disposable ones. If there are stains or grease recommended to soak it over night. Use white vinegar to remove smell, if there is. If you have a linen cotton apron, try to avoid using hot water, the shape of the apron may change after washing.

funny little kid taking out clothes from washing machine
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

When to use Apron? Who wears it?

  • when you cook – Chef, Cooks, Housewife
  • when you clean or work with soil – Housewife, Cleaners, Gardeners
  • when you paint – Painters, Students
  • when you serves food in a restaurant/ cafe/ store – Waitress, Store keepers
  • when its part of your uniform – Hair Stylist
  • when you work with hazardous chemicals – Chemists
  • when you need to hold lots of tools – Welders and Carpenters

Where to put your Apron in the Kitchen?

Apron should hang in the kitchen to spices up your kitchen rather than keeping it in the drawer to occupy storage space.


What to look out for before you buy an Apron?

  • cotton materialcotton is not waterproof so this type of apron is suitable for doing work that don’t deal with water or too dirty job. However, some cotton apron nowadays also comes with a inner ply that is generally water resistant.
  • rubber / plastic/ rain coat material – good if there is a lot of water being sprayed or dealing with lots of sauce and lots of flour.
  • leather material – is great for water environment as well as blocking or reducing high heat, protect you against cooking hazard. Disadvantage is it is hard, not as soft as cotton.
  • denim or linen material – these are higher water resistant than cotton material. Good heat protection and material is more durable. One drawback is that the material is rough and not very friendly to people who love to wipe the hands with their apron.

To be honest its not easy to find apron with sizes in Singapore. If you do find them, they must be very expensive. Most of my apron is one size fit all. However, some of the designs are good for small and some are good for large. What you need to look out for are the length and width. If you normally wear size S, look for length that are short and neck strip adjustable. If you normally wear plus size, look for waist strips that are long enough to bring them around to the front to tie the bow. A good choice is half apron. I have a plus size design too.

Colour and Style

Most of my aprons comes with limited colours. However, the plains ones have more colour variety and price are more attractive if you get in 5pcs or more. According to Wikipedia, there are 5 types of aprons: Bib, Tabard, Bungalow, Pinafore and Clerical garment. Most of my buyers don’t really care about the types of different aprons, except some requested for neck strip to be on both side of the shoulder instead of round the neck, which looks like a H from the back. I call it H design…hahaha😄


After selling aprons for so many years, I realize the more pockets the apron has, the more costly it is. I still struggle to understand why. Other then pockets are more difficult to sew, it should not cause great different to the price. For this same reason, my store generally only have 1 to 2 pockets aprons in stock. If you need more, let me know, I can arrange pre-order for you.


Can I Customize the Apron?

Yes, most of the cotton or linen cotton ones can be customize. But, unfortunately, I am not able to arrange that for you. You can either do it yourself by getting some paints and tools from Artfriend or you can find a supplier/ printer that do customizing for you.


Hopefully this article helps to you to understand apron better.

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2020 New Apron Designs

PU Leather Waterproof Apron – H design
  • material: pu leather, waterproof
  • colour ava: black, brown, pink, marron red, chili red
  • neck strips adjustable on both sides of shoulder
  • one pocket with zip
  • good for cooking, washing, gardening, etc.
  • $16 per pc (excluding delivery charges)
  • refer preorder terms and conditions: https://leng8021.com/pre-order-terms/
White Strips Apron -X design
  • material: thick cotton, water resistant
  • weight: 360g
  • colour ava: black, light brown, dark brown, pink, yellowish orange, red, green
  • neck strips adjustable on both sides of shoulder
  • size: length 76cm, wide 69cm
  • two pockets
  • $22 per pc (excluding delivery charges)
  • refer preorder terms and conditions: https://leng8021.com/pre-order-terms/
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron 2 to 15yrs old
Kids Waterproof Apron sizes and measurement
Kids Waterproof Aprons
  • 6 different designs
  • 3 different sizes for 2 to 15 yrs old
  • include waterproof matching sleeves
  • Water proof material close to rain coat material
  • $12 per set excluding postage
  • refer preorder terms and conditions: https://leng8021.com/pre-order-terms/

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