5 Tips on Winter Travel and Winter Wear

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Tip #1: Used Winter Wear

I stayed in a small house and my store room has most of my stocks.😂

So, I don’t keep most of my winter wear after wearing them for my winter travel. I find it hard to maintain too. Besides not having enough space, I like to look different and wear different appeal on all my winter travel holiday. So, I will normally buy new ones before every winter travel trip and sell all of winter wear on carousell after my trip.

Tip #2: What is the correct way to wear winter appeal

Though I am not selling much new winter clothings nowadays due to space constraint, I always advise my buyers to layer winter wear as much as they can and not to just wear a thick winter pants or thick winter coat.

You should layer them like these:-

  • 1st layer, thin Long John/inner wear top n pants
  • 2nd layer, top n pants with thick fur
  • 3rd layer, waterproof/water resistant pants
  • 3rd layer, nice looking sweater for photo taking
  • 4th n 5th layer, thick winter jacket or wind breaker

Okay, why first layer must be thin, shouldn’t it be furry, keep warm mah? Most of my buyer love to ask this question.

I realised most people like to skip this layer, actually it’s the most important layer. It should be made of fast dry material, thin, ideally no fur. This layer keeps your body dry and you will not feel so wet and cold.

2nd layer must be furry because it will keep you warm.

3rd layer need to be nice la, you want to take pictures with your food or sight rite?

My last year winter holiday in 2019,  I brought a thick winter jacket that comes in 2pcs, detectable. The inner one is furry, the outer one is waterproof,  like wind breaker. The outer jacket has hook, so I can cover my head when snowing or raining. Both jacket has side zip pockets, the outer jacket has a inner side pocket which I find it wonderful as i can keep my gloves or cap when I don’t need them. Gentle reminder: never put cash in your pocket, you lose your jacket, your lost your money!

Tip #3: How to choose Winter Boots

Most people will check if the boots base cutting is good for walking on snow. Actually that’s not the critical part, the boots should be waterproof,  leather will be best. When your feet gets wet, your whole body feel cold. Boots need not be furry inside. You can get warmer socks to keep you warm all day long.

But some of you will tell me leather gloves very hard, big and ugly.  Yes, I agree but its waterproof ya,  seriously good for preventing you from getting wet and feel cold. If you are someone like my girl who thinks looking good is more important, I would advise that you get at least 2 pairs or more. As soon as one is wet, change to a new and dry one. And, if you tend to lose things like my girl, you need to prepare more😂

Tips on walking on icy snow: you should drag your feet when you walk, lean forward also. This way you wouldn’t fall.

Tip #4: How to choose Winter Gloves:

Our phone is important on our holiday, besides taking pictures, we use it to Google for directions. Therefore, for gloves, get touch screen ones. Meaning you don’t have to take your gloves off when you use your phone. My advise to most buyer is when you go winter holiday,  the choice of winter gloves should be fabric or knitted gloves for above zero degree, leather gloves for below zero.

Tip #5 Packing with luggage and bags

Clear zip bags for power banks, phone, router, etc. Use contact lens casing for all skin care cream. Use Vacuum Bags to compass all your winter clothing before packing into the your luggage.

Enjoy your holiday if you are traveling soon. Have fun!

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