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Tips to Stop you needing to adjust your glasses

Losing Focus?Adjust and adjust your glasses again and again?

Adjust and adjust your your glasses and wasting all your time doing that? It’s a very common problem on nose pad, faced by many people who wear glasses. Many buyers who come to me for solutions are working adults who either sweat alot or move alot at work. Many are not aware that the solution is very simple and only cost you a few dollars.⁣

The tips to fix this problem is to adjust your glasses’s nose pad for the nose or the frame leg for the ears contacting the skin.

For the nose, if you have a plastic frame, you need to get a stick-on anti-slip nose pad. ( tips:- Clean n dry off before sticking and once you stick, don’t remove and re-stick again.) Most people have to adjust your glasses very often when its plastic frame or sunglasses. Therefore, nose pad is a must have! If you have a metal frame, change to an Anti-Slip nose pad (tips:- change regularly to maintain cleanliness)⁣

For the ears, there are a few choices, it really depends on how comfortable you get on anyone of these. Confirm, guarantee, you will stop needing to adjust your glasses after putting on one of these.

I believe everyone knows the army hooks, they are the first in the market and the most uncomfortable ones, I must say. However if you are active at sports, army hooks and neck loop are the best and safest choice.

For most of us who sit in front of the computer working or for normal walking, comfort comes first. The ear holds are the most comfortable choice. Which one better? Mhhh…the round one, nice, almost unseen behind ears, light. Personally, i tried both, still prefer the long one, because i don’t feel its existence most of the time😊

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Where to buy glassess supports?
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