My nose pad broken, I need a replacement!

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Unless your glasses belongs to certain well known brand, which they use their exclusive nose pad. You should have no problem finding a replacement when your nose pad broken. However, you would be very surprise that there are really lots and lots of different nose pads available.

I would broadly classify nose pads into these categories:-⁣

In pair, screw on, anti-slip, comes in clear, soft, hard, coloured. I found some interestingly made from jade, great for this hot weather but unfortunately not Anti-Slip.

Joined, screw-on, anti-slip, good for people with flat nose. If the screw-on is from centre of the frame, there are a few types, some screw from front, some from the bottom, some 1 screw, some 2 screws with different gaps apart.

nose pad

Joined, clip-on from the centre of the glasses. I swear, these type of nose pads comes in lots of different sizes. Different size of the holes and thickness. Any one of these don’t match, it wouldn’t fit your glasses. And, unfortunately, it’s easily break ya😅

In pair, push in, mainly silicon material. These also comes in different sizes.⁣

The above are just nose pads.

What if the holder of the nose pad broken?

nose pad broken, nose pad replacement

That comes in different forms and sizes too!⁣ When I decided to start selling glasses nose pad. Honestly, I was shocked to realised how amazing amount of different kinds of nose pads are in market. Sometimes, I just wonder, do the manufacturers do this on intention to be exclusive brand differentiation or just to make us change glasses as often as possible 🤣⁣

Read on my upcoming posts, to find out more about glasses fix.

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Where to buy glassess supports?
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