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Replace LED Lights – FAQ

Do I have to replace the exact LED Light?

Replace LED Lights? Some buyer asked after opening the Ceiling light cover, “Do I have to find the same type, exact LED ceiling light to replace my faulty ones?”

The answer is, NO.

Just like your TV sploit, you don’t have to buy the same brand and same model again. You can UPGRADE ya!😄 Therefore, replace LED Lights, you do not have to find the same exact design to change.

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Replace LED Lights? Which is better Strip Led Light or Circular Led?

The answer is:- both are fine! It depends on the size of the led light and the wattage. Whether they fits your light casing and brightness requirement. There are pros and cons for using strips lights.

First of all, they are not so easily available like circular led lights. Though, again you may not required to replace the same again when its not working. The advantage of using strips led light is that when one strip is not working, you just need to replace one and not the whole set. The other advantage is that strips led lights, you can arrange them in any shapes you like to fit your casing space.

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LED Ceiling Light
built in screws
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Convert from Fluorescent tube to LED light, how to attach the led to my metal housing or casing? Do I use double sided tape?

Its easy! Most LED lights comes with magnetic screws. They are either built in (as per pic above) or you need to screw them onto the LED. All you need to ensure is that the casing is metal in order for the LED light to secure on it. There is no need to use double sided tape. In fact, its not advisable to do so as the LED light will get hot over time and tape will either melt or not able to secure.

How to Convert Fluorescent Tube to LED Light?

How to Convert Fluorescent Tube to LED Light?

Its actually very simple especially if you found out how it works. I have written some simple steps in another blog page.


How to Replace LED Ceiling Light?

If its that simple that I can do it, you can too! Check out my other blog page that explain how to do it step by step.


Is 24watt LED Ceiling Light Bright Enough for My Kitchen?

Just a few points to check out on. I have written a checklist in another blog page.

There is no space for LED Driver Box? How? Where should I put it?

It is important to secure the driver box on the casing because it may burst either by itself or by the heat of the light IF it drop off to the front of the LED light. Driver box should always be beside the LED light. If there is no space, place it behind.⁣

3 x led screw extension gold colour only 1566099639 49c11d60 progressive

Where to buy LED Ceiling Lights?
LED Ceiling range from $5 to $13 per piece depending on their watt. Click here to buy from my store.

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