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About 6 yrs ago, when my girl told me, “Mami, can you come home early, I have a lot of homework need to ask you.” I started to realized my home needs me more than the company I worked. ⁣And, since then, I am a full time housewife! (HDB tai tai)

Along the years I collected some housekeeping tips on how to tackle my household chores. My ex-boss always say, “work smart, don’t work hard!”

Let me share some of the housekeeping tips with you here:-


Clean up Greasy cooking areas

When your cooking stove, wall tiles or oven window are coated with a layer of greasy film, make a cleaning paste from equal amounts of white vinegar and baking soda. ( Arm and Hammer is my favorite brand). Be sure to add the vinegar slowly as it will fizz. Cover the whole area with the paste and let it stand for 2 hours then wipe clean. 🙂

In case you are not sure how those stuff I mention above looks like, here are the links:

Cheap and Easy Way to Clearing Drain

If you cook a lot or stay on low floor, you will definitely have choke drainage problem. Calling the repair guys too often can be a heavy cost too. You may be surprise, clearing your drain only needs hot water and salt. Pour salt slowly down the drain follow by hot water. 125ml salt with 4 litres of hot water. The above method of cleaning greasy cooking areas works for clearing drain too.

housekeeping tips, Clear clog in the pipes
when you see water coming out from here, meaning its clogged in the pipes somewhere
exquisite water pipeline dredge facility

If the above method wouldn’t work, there are liking to be lots of stuff like hairs clog in the pipe. These tools will definitely works. Confirm-guarantee-plus-chop, can clear ya!

The colorful ones on the left are good for bathroom basins / sinks. The center one are good for straight pipe, it has a gripper at the end of it. The right one is good for kitchen / toilet drainage pipes, the big pipes. Just lay the wire into the pipe as far as you can, follow by shaking the wire. Start pulling water in once you see the drain clog is clearing. This will flush away the clog stuff settle along especially at the curve of the pipe.

check out more details on how to use these tools:

Remove smell from washing basin / Clear clog in the pipes

I cook quite often (to cut cost :)), and my hubby likes to brush his teeth using the washing basin. Before sleep, I will usually pour about 1 teaspoon of baking soda and follows with some white vinegar slowing. you will hear some fizz sound (its the mix reaction). After about 5mins, pour some hot water to drain out. The smell will go off right away ya! This method is good for removing grease accumulated in the pipes too!

In case you are not sure how those stuff I mention above looks like, here are the links:

Remove stains in water kettle

The person who taught me this method was a very nice tea lady in my ex-company. You just need to boil a lemon in the kettle and leave it overnight. The stains will all go off the next morning. All you need to do is pour away the water and you will get a clean, new kettle! Things to note, don’t cut the lemon, put in the whole piece, otherwise, you will have the strong lemon smell and taste after cleaning. Be sure to fill the water to the max level. Otherwise, the stain will not go off on area not covered by the water.

Deodorize Stinky Socks

Add a cup of white vinegar at the beginning with the detergent.
For better effect add in when the final rinse cycle water is filing.

In case you are not sure how those stuff I mention above looks like, here are the links:


housekeeping tips, How to get rid of Lizards?
cockroach traps lay flat in a corner under the kitchen chair

How to Get Rid of Lizards?

Aiyoh, I hate lizards! I know a few effective ways to get rid of them ya.

  1. I use Cockroach Sticky Traps or Pads. It usually designed to catch cockroach in a box form, but I lay them flat, usually within 2 to 3 days, I will be able to trap the lizard that I saw crawling around.
  2. Seal the bedrooms doors’ gaps so they cannot get in.
  3. Keep the house clean especially kitchen. Mop the floor after every cook.
  4. Lizards hate the smell of egg shells. I put unwashed eggshells on places that I do not want them to come, like the dinning table.
In case you are not sure how those stuff I mention above looks like, here are the links:

How to put Ants Away?

Sometime back I notice that ants found in my house came in from the window in the kitchen. Some also come in from the front door from where my plants are. But after that I lay a line of salt along the window and door way, I realized that the ants stop coming in 🙂 So, I started putting some salt on the table when I put sweet stuff on the table. To my surprise, NO MORE ANTS!!

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