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How to Prevent Shoelaces from Falling off?

Shoelaces from Falling off?

I have a pair of nice Reebok running shoes but for some reason, the original shoe laces is always coming off when I walk or run. No matter how I tie, it will just slip off after sometime. Actually some of the time I nearly trip and fall over the shoe laces especially when I am rushing.⁣

Solution to Prevent Shoelaces from falling.

This drive me to look for a new pair of shoe laces:) Then, I came across Lazy Shoe Laces. They are mainly make of silicon material which is very stretchable. They usually comes in a set of 6 to 10 over pcs of different length or of the same length. Loaded some pics here to show you 8 different possible methods of installing your lazy shoelaces depending on your personal preference :)⁣

Where to buy this Lazy Shoelaces? 

14pcs only $7 including normal mail. click here to buy.

taking forever to tie your shoelaces

Taking you forever to put on shoes and tie your shoelaces?

Last week, while I was waiting on a long long queue, I came across a mother with 2 boys. They were getting ready to leave a shop and the mother told the boys to put on their shoes and leave. One did as he was told and the other one just refused to put on his shoes. While the mother was busy talking to the sales staff, I saw him quietly put both of his socks on one feet. He then tell his mother that one sock is missing and he cannot wear this shoes.

After searching high and low for it, she realized her naughty boy tricked her. 🤣 Its not unusual for parents to find putting on shoes for young kids a chores😅 Do you have problem getting your kids to put on their shoes and tie the shoe laces?⁣

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Lazy shoelaces

There are lazy shoe laces for kids too.

12pcs only $6 including normal mail. click here to buy.

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