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Some LED Lights buyers were surprised to find out that they have been communicating or dealing with a lady in my online store. Some only realized that I am a lady when they got my lights, meet me up or check out my social media. When selling LED Lights most buyers expect to deal with a man who can advise them on what to get and how to install instead. But, if you get lights from a lady, doesn’t mean you can’t get good advice ya.😊

This post has nothing to do with fixing LED lights. If you wish to find out more on how to fix LED lights, click on the menu above and select LED to see all my related posts.

Here I am just sharing a short story on how I ended up selling LED Lights 😁

Background History

About 6yrs ago when I started selling on carousell not very long, I came by LED lights selling online in China. I am quite a fan for recycling. Cost saving and efficiency are things that I am always looking at as an accountant. (职业病) I fall in love with the LED lights after I brought in a few sets for my own use. Switching to understanding the cables over these few years with help of my husband, of course, who answer all my electrical doubts.

I used to grow up watching my late father fixing nearly everything at home, he could fix nearly anything…awesome! He is so good that I ended up doing my first hands-on handy repair stuff only after he passed away. I wish I had started it earlier. 😪

Personal Passion

I consider myself a weird person. Weird enough for a lady to grow strong interest in LED light. When someone ask what you like to read, I said, manual 😯 Yup, I will never use any new, whether hardware or software, before reading the manual. And, I prefer to self study to pickup a skill instead of attending a class.

One of my close girlfriend called me up when she saw my LED light posts on social media. She asked, since when you can install lights huh?!. Mhhh…🤔 ya hor, I think I never tell her before lei, but she never ask mah😂

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