How to Replace LED Ceiling Light?

There were some newbies buyers during last circuit break period in Singapore. ⁣Some buyers asks lots of questions as it’s their first time trying to replace LED light.⁣⁣

Here are some tips to help those newbies out there to understand more about LED Light and how to install or replace them.

Parts of a LED Ceiling Light
replace LED light, LED light magnetic screws, cable connector, LED driver box, LED ballast
Parts of a set of LED Light

When you open your LED Ceiling light casing, you will see:-⁣

  1. Your LED light with magnetic screws on⁣
  2. A cable connector ⁣
  3. A driver box⁣
Can I buy the parts separately?

Yes, you can. I sell LED screws, cable connector and driver box separately ya.⁣

What should you do when your LED Light is not working?

So, when your Ceiling light stops working , what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Call the technician? Source for new light?⁣

I have buyers who message me says their bedroom/ toilet light is not working! Urgent, need replacement! Sent me a pic of their light with the cover on and ask me if any of my led light fits😅⁣ I don’t have x-ray eyes ya😂⁣

Unless you do not mind paying for a technician to come over which will cost around $50-80 for 1 set of LED light replacement in Singapore. Otherwise, the first thing you need to do when your light is not working, is – OPEN the light cover! ⁣

FAQ on LED Ceiling Lights
Replace LED
Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

Check out my other blog page on : https://leng8021.com/led-lights-faq/

You need to check a few things before replace LED Ceiling light:-⁣

  1. Check, if it is a LED light or fluorescent tube light⁣
  2. If its LED light, Check the power of the light (in watt)⁣
  3. Check the space available to put the replacement light ⁣
    With these information, you are ready to choose a close fit new LED light replacement 😊👍⁣

Tips on How to replace LED Light?

Assuming you have brought your new LED light and you are ready to do your own replacing. I swear it’s really easy if you do it correctly!⁣

Best Timing to Replace LED Lights

Choose a timing when your kids are napping or someone can keep them busy away. Its important that you OFF the switch when you go up to touch the cables. So, I always turn down offer for help and do it myself. ⁣

Preparation before Replace LED Lights

Before you stands up to reach the light, screw on all the magnetic screws onto your new LED light’s holes. You need 2 for the driver box too. It is important to secure the driver box on the casing because it may burst either by itself or by the heat of the light IF it drop off to the front of the LED light. Driver box should always be beside the LED light. If there is no space, place it behind.⁣

3 x led screw extension gold colour only 1566099639 49c11d60 progressive
How to connect the cables

Where to connect the Live or Neutral cable when replace LED Lights?

Look at your old LED light, look for the cable connector. The cable connector is the one that connects the direct power and the LED light cable. The one that I provide is white in colour and has 2 slots. Your old connector could be in black or some other colours. Some use really old cable connector that requires to screw and unscrew cable. It’s up to you if you want to change the cable connector.

Btw, there is no Live or Neutral cable in LED light, so it doesn’t matter which is left or right. And, the earth cable you can connect it as well or leave it alone

What to Throw or Remove?

Your old LED lights should be using magnetic screws also. (the older type maybe screw on to the base) Meaning, you can remove the whole set of LED light by pulling it off the casing. No unscrewing here. Now, all you need to do is remove the old LED light cable from the connector and put in the new light cable. Stick the magnets in place ensuring that driver box is not blocking the light.

That’s it! If you have screwed or clip the cables correctly, the light should be working when you switch it on. 😊👍⁣ You have successfully replace your LED Light!

How to replace LED Ceiling Light

Need more help on LED Ceiling Light?

Checkout this blog page : https://leng8021.com/led-lights-faq/

Where to buy LED Ceiling Lights?
LED Ceiling range from $5 to $13 per piece depending on their watt. Click here to buy now.

⁣I sell “ALL in one” LED light too. Meaning you need not bother about where to place the driver box because its built in the light set.⁣

For changing from Fluorescent tube to LED Lights, check out this post: https://leng8021.com/convert-fluorescent-tube-to-led-light/

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