Is 24watt LED Ceiling Light Bright Enough for My Kitchen?

Similar questions like this, I need to answer at least 1 in every 3 LED Ceiling Light buyers. 😅 ⁣

Errr…🤔, its depends actually.

LED Ceiling Light
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The general guidelines on whether the LED Light is bright enough:-⁣

Living room 24w to 72w⁣
Kitchen/ Dinning room 18w to 36w⁣
Bedroom 18w to 36w⁣
Utility/Toilets/Store Room 6w to 24w

Your next question would be; why the range so wide of LED ceiling light??
Yes, because its depends on a few factors:-⁣

  • Size of your room⁣
  • How bright you want the room to be⁣
  • How many light points you have in the room⁣
  • Your light cover, colour tone, design. ⁣

Take for example,
in a normal 3/4 rooms flat, if the living room has 2 light points. I would recommend 24w if you watch TV most of the time. But if you work or read often then 36w would be better. Recently I have a buyer, he brought 2 sets of 36w 52cm long LED Ceiling light from me. He fixes that in his living room. He stays in condo, high ceiling, only one point of light in living room.😉⁣

Another example,
usual hdb bedroom I would recommend 24w/36w light depending whether you read alot in the room. Condo small little bedroom, some thinks 18w is bright enough. Recently, there is a buyer told me that he wants a 12w LED light for his bedroom. I reassure him that 12w is too dim for a bedroom. After some chat I realised his bedroom is a “converted utility room”. 😂⁣

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Where to buy LED Ceiling Lights?
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