How to Convert Fluorescent Tube to LED Light?⁣

Convert fluorescent tube to led light can be as easy as led ceiling light replacement, except you need to take note of a few things. ⁣

Things to lookout for before you convert Fluorescent Tube to LED Light

1️⃣ the base of your light casing, is it metal?⁣
2️⃣ any nod / holder in the centre⁣
3️⃣ any space to put the driver box⁣
4️⃣ is magnetic screws long enough ⁣

Check out my upcoming posts addressing each of these points case by case.⁣

How to install the led lights?

Now, assuming you have got those ☝🏻checked and fixed. How to install the led lights and remove the old fluorescent tube? The fluorescent tube and ballast, useless, throw.

First of all, off your light switch! Safety comes first!

Then, open the cover, look for the original cable connector, one end of the connection will have cables go to direct power, leave them untouch. The other end of the cables will goes to the fluorescent tube, these cables unscrew or un-clip them, connect the new led light cables here. And, again, as I have mentioned in my previous post, there is no Live or Neutral cable in LED light, so it doesn’t matter which is left or right. And, the earth cable (usually green) you can connect it as well or leave it alone.⁣ That’s it, done!⁣

convert fluorescent tube to led light
Please note,

you should only have one cable connector, either leave the old one there or replace with the white one that I provide. If you end up using 2, most likely your cable connection is wrong. 1 light need 1 cable connector only.⁣ Unless you have 2 sets of LED Lights combined in one light casing.

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